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Conquest's Darling

CH Tsavo's Home for Christmas RI CGCA CGCU TKN   and   Anchor Creek's Do Tell

Show Record


We are honored to be entrusted with this beautiful dog from our family friend, Mary Leadbetter.


Darla was a gift to help my son get over his fear of dogs after being bitten by a Chow.  Darla grew up rolling around with Riley and hanging out on his bed during the COVID lock down.  She was a regular on his Zoom classroom call.  


Darla has been bred 3 times.  The first two she produced outstanding puppies, a wonderful mix of her strong points and the male's strong points.  We are so excited to see how her final litter tuns out. 



  • Bred to CH Newcastle's Grand Slam they had 10 beautiful puppies.  We decided to keep yellow girl, now named Morning Star's Anya.

  • Bred to Pur Chef-D'Oeuver Kinder Place.  Unfortunately only 1 puppy lived to be born.  She has been retained for our breeding program.

  • Bred to Hannesy XO Discovery Grand Aiveko.  They had 6 gorgeous puppies.

    • The COI 10 of this litter is:  2.17%​

    • The COI all  of this litter is: 27.91

    • Puppy mean kinship is 31.61%

You can read more about this at the Leonberger Database.

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